Announcement Regarding Nepayo's Online Dota 2 Tournament

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~Announcement Regarding Nepayo's Online Dota 2 Tournament~

-Every Team Captain and their teams must join this discord channel for any further communication.

-Each team will face each other in best of 1 series until 8 teams remain after that it's a best of 3 game.

-Winner advances whereas losing team will be given a second chance at the losers bracket.

-Matches starts from 03:00 PM local time  sharp from tomorrow[May 2nd] and failure to be available at the given time will result in disqualification.                                                 



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    Round 1 Winners:

    1. myRevenge
    2. Ofg
    3. Team Minchu
    4. YH (by default)
    5. Hex Gaming
    6. illidanborn (by default)
    7. ssmg
    8. Generation of gurung
    9. Abys
    10. the mob
    11. generation of gurung b
    12. Nakki
    13. Savagepanda
    14. Team coffins
    15. why me
    16. Brothers of houcha
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